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False Claims and Offences under Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC)

by | Sep 27, 2015 | Criminal Process, IRAS, Mitigation

PG (Plead Guilty) Mention, State Court of Singapore, August 2015

Raphael Louis (Ray), Defence lawyer or attorney for the accused, successfully argued and persuaded the court to impose a fine only.  After the accused pleaded guilty and during mitigation, Ray argued that his client should only be fined as the circumstances surrounding the offence did not warrant a jail sentence unlike previous cases before the State Court of Singapore;  in other words, the punishment must fit the crime and the criminal.

The prosecuted had earlier submitted for a custodial sentence; in all previous prosecutions and sentencing under the same offence, the accused persons were jailed.  Offenders faced a maximum jail sentence of 5 years.  After the plea was taken and before passing the sentence, the court had to adjourn the case 4 times to hear further submissions and clarifications from both the Prosecution and Defence.  At the end, the Learned Judge was persuaded with the Defence’s submission and imposed a fine only.  For more information please refer to  IRAS , Channel News Asia and The Straits Times

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