Jail sentence: DPP appealed for SHORTER jail term

by | Sep 19, 2015 | Criminal Process, Mitigation

Justice, criminal process

Justice, criminal process

It is a rare move for the prosecution to appeal for a criminal’s sentence to be reduced, as reported in Singapore Law Watch . That is what the deputy public prosecutor did after a cyclist who rode into and injured an elderly pedestrian was jailed for eight weeks.

The prosecution had originally called for 35-year-old Lim Choon Teck to be imprisoned for at least two weeks for the rash act, which knocked over Madam Chng Kian and left her with a fractured elbow and wrist injury. Lim pleaded guilty to the rash-act charge and Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Ee Kuan highlighted aggravating factors such as Lim cycling on the pavement, causing grievous hurt, and bolting off instead of waiting for the ambulance.

But District Judge Lee-Khoo Poh Choo meted out a jail term four times as long as the DPP’s minimum demand, making it clear that there is a need for deterrence.  The prosecution argued that the eight-week sentence is “manifestly excessive” in what may well turn into a benchmark case on how errant cyclists who ride on pavements are dealt with. Refer to our other article at http://criminallawsingapore.org/criminal-lawyer-singapore/cycling-on-pavement-beware/

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