Pleading Guilty to An Offence in Singapore Criminal Court

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Criminal Process

What happens when one pleads guilty?

If an Accused pleads guilty to a charge, he admits fully to the offence.  Before an Accused decides to plead guilty, he has to fully understand the nature and consequences of his plea.

The Prosecuting Officer will read out the Statement of Facts relating to the charge to the Accused. If the Accused disagrees with the Statement of Facts, he must inform the Court. If he disagrees with the Statement of Facts on key issues, the Court will not accept the plea of guilt and the Accused will be directed to claim trial instead.

If an offence is compoundable as provided in the Criminal Procedure Code, this may be a better alternative than pleading guilty.

If the Accused agrees fully with the Statement of Facts, the Court will record his plea upon such admission and proceed with conviction. Once you plead guilty, you may have a criminal record; however, there is a possibility for your record to be erased or spent. See Singapore Police Force website.

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