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Representations to Drop or Reduce Charges

by | Aug 30, 2015 | Criminal Process, Pleading Guilty, Representing Yourself, Your Rights

Representations may be made to the Attorney General’s Chambers to ask for a review in the number of charges brought against an offender.

What is the purpose of representations?

Representations are made to the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) to withdraw, reduce the nature and/or number of charges that one is facing. Representations can also be used to propose suggestions of having the matter compounded or issuing a stern warning instead.

Under to Code of Practice for the conduct of criminal proceedings (para 3), representations must be made in good faith. According the Frequently Asked Questions in the AGS’s website:

“Several prosecutors from AGC’s Crime Cluster are rostered to be on duty on each working day. These Duty Officers are responsible for dealing with cases which require immediate attention, for instance, where investigating officers require urgent directions and where urgent representations are made by accused persons and defence counsel. In addition, there is a Senior DPP on duty in the Subordinate Courts every morning from Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays), and urgent representations may be dealt with by the Senior DPP on duty as well.”

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