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What Are Your Rights? Criminal Process Singapore

by | Sep 5, 2015 | Criminal Process, Your Rights

Under what circumstances can a person be charged?

A person can be charged in Court only after investigations have been carried out. These investigations must be conducted by government-appointed enforcement agencies.

When can a person be arrested?

A person can be arrested if the police reasonably suspect one of committing a serious offense, and he can be held in remand for questioning. During the course of investigations, he can be released and offered bail. He may be expected to return to the police for further questioning.

Can a person be detained during investigations?

Yes, a person can be detained during investigations. In addition to detention, the investigating officer may also:
(a) Record the suspect’s answers during questioning and require him/her to sign
(b) Search a place and take away objects to be used as evidence
(c) Seize property which may be used as exhibits

Does an accused have a right to remain silent?

An accused has the right to remain silent at all points of the process. However, it must be noted that the courts may draw an adverse inference and may even infer guilt should to accused insist on remaining silent and refusing to state his defense.
For more information click here to view the Pamphlet of Rights

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