Outrage of Modesty, Sec 354 Penal Code Singapore – How Your Lawyer May Prevent Any Charges From Being Filed Against You – Pre-mention Representations

by | Feb 17, 2018 | Arrest, Criminal Process, DRUGS, HARASSMENT (POHA), Investigation, OTHER OFFENCES, Outrage of Modesty, SEX CRIMES, Your Rights


Our client was charged by the police for an Outrage of Modesty offence under Section 354 of the Penal Code. He came to see us shortly after being charged. We got our heads down and swiftly drafted pre-mention representations to the police and Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC). Our representations aimed to convince AGC and the police to drop the charges, and issue a stern warning or allow the offence to be compounded. If we succeeded, our client would not have a criminal record and can avoid any potential adverse publicity from being charged in court.


Our client informed us that he had been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition for several years, and was still seeking treatment and taking prescribed medication for it. Although he was not a regular drinker, he had consumed an excessive amount of alcohol and was inebriated during the time of the offence. Our client’s psychiatrist gave confirmation that the additive effect of the significant amount of alcohol consumed by our client and his psychiatric medication contributed to, amongst other things, his poor judgment and reduced inhibition (of which he was previously not informed). This sat squarely with our contention that our client’s offence was not at all pre-meditated and we stressed these arguments in our representations to the authorities.


Thankfully, the authorities acceded to our representations and issued our client with a stern warning. The charge against our client was dropped and our client and his family were grateful for such a favourable outcome. Our client’s case was disposed of within less than 2 months of employing our services.


Another client previously charged for an offence under the same Section 354 gave us a glowing testimonial at Singapore Legal Advice:

“It all started with a dispute over a bill in a bar for which the police was called and in the end, I was charged with Section 354. After being released on bail, I had no clue and looked online for an assistance from a lawyer. Based on the reviews about Ray, I fixed an appointment with him the very same day as I was completely in a shock and clueless on what would happen to me and my family. Ray provided me with a clear understanding of the whole process and gave a very honest review that I would not need his services and did not push at all to engage him. After giving a thought for a couple of days, I still decided to engage his services for a Pre-Mention Rep. Ray is very calm and professional and his analysis is spot on and has wealth of experience handling a variety of cases. He and his team put up a Pre-Mention Rep within 10 days and it had a clear analysis of the entire situation that led to the incident. He was always available for any advice. When I walked out from his office on the very first day, I knew that I was in safe hands. Within 40 days of submitting the Pre-Mention Rep, I received a response from the AGC that the case was being dropped and no further action. I would definitely recommend Ray. Thank you, Ray and the entire team for your assistance to me and my family.” V.U, 


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