Our client was charged by the police for an offence under Section 354 of the Penal Code. He came to see us shortly after being charged. We got our heads down swiftly to drafting  pre-mention representations to the police and the Attorney General’s Chamber. This was with the hope that if the police decided to drop the charge, issue a stern warning, or allow the offence to be compounded, our client would, besides not having a criminal record, avoid being charged in court and any potentially adverse publicity.

Our client informed us that he had been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition for several years. He was still seeking treatment and prescribed medication for the same. Although not a regular drinker, he also consumed an excessive amount of alcohol during the time of the offence. Our client’s psychiatrist gave confirmation that the additive effect of the significant amount of alcohol consumed together with our client’s psychiatric medication contributed, amongst other things, to his judgment and reduced inhibition (our client was previously not informed of the aforesaid additive effect). This sat squarely with our contention that our client’s offence was not at all pre-meditated and we stressed these in our representations to the authorities.

Thankfully, the authorities accepted the representations and issued our client with a stern warning. The charge against our client was dropped and our client and his family were grateful for such a favourable outcome. Our client’s case was disposed of within less than 2 months.

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