Assaulting A Taxi Driver – Sec 323 Penal Code Singapore

by | Mar 31, 2018 | Affray, Arrest, Composition, Mitigation, Punishment, VIOLENCE


Our client had assaulted a taxi driver and was charged under Penal Code (Chapter 224).  If she pleaded guilty to the charge, she faced the possibility of a custodial sentence and consequently a criminal record based on the precedent cases. Also, she also faced the risk of losing her job and her career prospects were at stake.

When she first came to us, we did a thorough interview to look out for mitigating factors that would help in her case. Based on our research, in making reference to High Court case of PP v Lim Yee Hua, we made representations on behalf of our client. We submitted on points of law and also requested for the Prosecution to issue a stern warning or allow our client to compound the charge against her.

The Prosecution acceded to our client’s request and allowed our client to compound her offence under certain conditions i.e. she is to make payment to the to taxi driver and also issue a letter of apology to him. Our client was grateful to the authorities for her allowing to compound the offence.

Subsequently, she duly complied with the conditions and was given a discharge amounting to an acquittal. She was very pleased with our work and gave the following review to Singapore Legal Advice:

“Words cannot express the professionalism you and your firm has given us in our time of need. Both Ben and Ray did an outstanding work for my matter. Ben was very prompt in responding to my email, explained things clearly, and moved the process along well. Ray was professional, attentive to details and experienced. Together, they do their best to address every concern. They would make time to explain honestly and in detail of each step of the process relating to my matter. I cannot adequately express how thoroughly satisfied I am with your firm and the results I obtained through Ray Louis Corporation. The team is very professional and experienced. I am satisfied with the overall service and will have no hesitation in recommending Ray Louis Corporation to any family or friends whom may require legal advice. My only regret was not engaging this team sooner. Thank you again, Ben and Ray , this team is absolutely amazing”

SK Chua, 31 January 2018