How Your Lawyer May Prevent Any Charges From Being Filed Against You – Pre-mention Representations, Penal Code, Singapore.

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Criminal Process, Representations, Theft

On 25 November 2017, The Straits Times reported “Couple caught tossing oBikes into drain turn themselves in to police”. The act gained publicity when a video of the act went viral and appeared in various websites, YouTube and Stomp.

After turning themselves in, they were investigated and charged by the police under the Penal Code and due to appear in court within weeks. The couple then came to us for legal advice. After a thorough interview and doing some research, we got to work immediately.   We made pre-mention representations to the police and the Attorney General’s Chambers. In the representations, we highlighted compelling mitigating factors to persuade the authorities to not charge our clients. Among other things, we highlighted how their respective careers will be blighted should they plead guilty to the offence.

Thankfully, our representations were accepted.  Our clients were very grateful to the authorities. They also were very pleased with our work and gave the following review to Singapore Legal Advice:

“I was caught on video by someone committing a minor act of mischief out of frustration. A police report was then made and the courts made a decision to charge me. I was devastated and worried and had no one to turn to. The thought of even appearing in court was something I had never contemplated before. I was told by the police that a court date would be issued to me within the next 3 days.

I knew I needed legal aid and I prayed to God to send me a good lawyer. I went the Singapore law society page looking, and Ray’s profile was on the first page. I did not look into his history or record. I had no idea who he was but I was desperate and needed a lawyer fast, and his office was the nearest to my home. So I choose him.

God answered my prayer and send me an Angel of the law. Within 24 hours Ray and his team quickly drafted a letter to AGC to ask for an urgent request to defer the court date. Request was granted and we were given a week to present representations of mitigating factors, so as to avoid going to court and ask for a stern warning instead.

Ray was very professional and articulate in his letters of representations. He did not try to downplay my actions, but Instead showed the court the reasons and other factors leading to it.

Imagine my delight when the DPP replied and said that in light of the circumstances of my case they had decided not to charge me, and will instead recommend a warning advisory instead.

I owe it all to Ray and his dedicated team. If you are now like I was, in trouble with the law, feeling helpless and scared and not sure who to call on, with the hundreds of Lawyer profiles available online. Look no further give Ray a call.”


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